Masterclass in Blind Drawing Introduction

Masterclass in Blind Drawing

In this masterclass you will learn how to use the Blind Drawing Technique. This techniques helps focus the mind on what it is seeing and enables hand eye co-ordination. Blind drawing is not just helpful for the artist but also instills a calm focused mind. I have seen many students who do not believe they can draw, suddenly discover the magic of drawing what they see for the first time. 

Please email me your questions in advance to discuss your requirements and to arrange the time and date on how to prepare and set up your class.            


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How much is an Online Masterclass?
The on-line Masterclasses cost £50 per hour. Group masterclasses of up to four people are set at two hours.
How do I pay?
All Masterclasses are bookable online and payable on the website.
Do you give refunds?
My aim is to offer real value for money but if you are not happy with your purchase please contact me on:
Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking.
How often do you offer masterclasses?
Masterclasses are arranged at a mutually convenient date and time. Please email me at:
How do Masterclasses work?
Masterclasses are arranged at a mutually agreed date and time. The 1-1 classes are one or two hours long depending on the subjects and the medium studied. If a group masterclass is booked I advise two hours as time flies by especially when sharing the learning experience. All Masterclasses are delivered on Zoom.
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  • February 26, 2022 10:00 am   -   12:00 pm
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